Ebuyer Returns info?

Posted 12th Apr 2011
Just filed a return for a TV I bought from ebuyer, as it has a fault. Does anyone know if I have to put the address on the packaging if they've sent a courier to pick it up, or does the courier have it on their system already? They said put the RMA on but no info about an address.

Been on the phone to them for 30 minutes, and had to call twice because the links in the emails didnt work as it was bought from ebuyer ebay and not ebuyers website, so I have no info of what to do! Second call arranged a collection for tomorrow morning but didn't tell me anything to do either and he was in a rush to get home. =[
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I sent a tv back to them last month it was returned fixed within five days. The courier will have a sticker for the tv return. As soon as ebuyer received the tv back they will email you to say they have received it. I was impressed by their service actually.
Hey, thanks bluebindy, did you have to put anything inside the box saying why it was faulty like some companies request?
No I don't think I did as when you request a RMA they ask what the problem is.
Oki doke thats good then! Thanks for your help =]

will have to go buy some parcel tape or something now!
And when you the telly back you will have to retune it. It took me hours to realise why I coundn't get a picture.
I'm sending it back for a refund, bought another one on Amazon as it was a present- couldn't wait for the repair/replacement!
Have they actually said you can have your money back. As I thought they would just repair it and send it back to you.
Yeah they said they'll process it as a refund, as it's only been a couple of days since I bought the TV. They just picked it up this morning so hopefully I'll get the refund soon!

It was a 32" Toshiba 32KV500, it was only £200 but I know why now! heh!- picture wasn't great and the settings didn't save when you put it on standby! I found out they aren't actually made by Toshiba but some crappy manufacturer and they brand it as a Tosh - naughty! It would have been ok as it's for my mum and she probably wouldn't notice but why should you spend money on something which is faulty? Bought an LG on Amazon for £250, came this morning and it seems a lot better! (touch wood)
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