Ebuyer super saver delivery arriving next day

Anyone else experienced this ? I'm very impressed by their service considering they said it would arrive next Monday !



happens a lot for me. All depends how busy they are in packing I suppose and the day you ordered

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alot depends on what time of day too, we ordered printer ink last Tuesday … alot depends on what time of day too, we ordered printer ink last Tuesday at 10 am and paid the next day delivery, it came Saturday yesterday teatime. ive phoned them for a refund of the delivery charge. happens a lot with ebuyer

thats pretty rubbish, i wouldnt be happy if that happened to me

This is same with amazon and game for me, If ordered early enough usually get next day

I paid extra for a specific delivery date on my friends birthday using amazon and it never came on that day!

Happens a lot with these sorts of companies. I'm told it's because they have a contract to deliver a fixed number of parcels per day. If they go over that number they have to pay an excess fee.

Hence they offer customers a variety of delivery options which in turn allows them the option of shunting around dispatch times so that they meet their delivery target. It also suits them because they are packing the same number of parcels each day.

Apparently Monday is often a quiet day, so if you place an order then you are more likely to get a Tuesday delivery. Thursday is the busiest, so if you place an order on Thursday you will most probably have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for delivery. Hope that makes sense.
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