ebuyer taking on boffer / bigpockets with the 'ebuyer lucky bag'?…017

    'Try your luck today with the Ebuyer 'Lucky Bag'
    All ebuyer 'Lucky Bags' bags contain a minimum of 4 goodies and each bag is valued at £10 - £20
    Contents include

    * Radio's
    * T-Shirts
    * Webcams
    * Phone Chargers.....and many, many more'



    emasu;3810906 the lazy...

    U know me too well :-D

    Original Poster


    U know me too well :-D

    Yes I do Dean, yes I do.

    postage is a bit steep..


    postage is a bit steep..

    Just about to say, £5 delivery

    Original Poster

    Super saver is £1.20 cheaper than BP, but £1.80 more than boffer lol

    Load of ****.


    Super saver is £1.20 cheaper than BP, but £1.80 more than boffer lol

    any free delivery promotional codes? :lol: i think i have used my luck up getting a projector worth over a grand in my BOC a few weeks ago :whistling:

    Ebuyer always do this with anything you order its always been a lucky dip as to whether they send you the correct item you ordered or not. :whistling:

    So tempted to order, but shan't till all is revealed... Come on someone!

    I ordered one of the 1st Boffer BOC and since got it fam been moaning for another as they want one.

    Seen this today so ordered 3 which kinda makes more sense and split the cost. Told them to expect aload of sh*t basically, so will wait till tuesday and will reveal what I received in 3 of them
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