Ebuyer via Quidco - 0.1% or 7% ?

Found 9th May 2007
0.1% quidco will swing it for many people, I'm sure!
Try this though.... via quidco you get 7% back from shop.com. They seem to be a shopping portal and guess what one of their links is. Yep - ebuyer. So, go into quidco, then shop.com and then ebuyer. Looks as though you'll then get 7% cash back.

I haven't tried this myself but Quidco have confirmed that they see no reason why this shouldn't work.

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Would be very interesting IF it worked. I spent just under £500 with Ebuyer in the past 2 days and nothing has tracked with Quidcrap.
I may try it next week.

Thanks...I'll give it a go on my next order

So by the ooks of it Shop.com get commision from ebuyer who then pass it onto quidco..?

The next question is if you go through the google checkout and not the proper ebuyer checkout will ebuyer class t as a sales and give out the commision?

i couldnt find ebuyer on shop.com
but ebuyer has sponsored links on shop.com
is there confusion here?

It doesn't work!
Do a search for Ebuyer on shop.com and it comes up with nothing. Would be nice if it worked, but it doesnt!


i couldnt find ebuyer on shop.combut ebuyer has sponsored links on … i couldnt find ebuyer on shop.combut ebuyer has sponsored links on shop.comis there confusion here?

It's hard to find, this is how I found it:-
From Shop.com home page look down that page for :-http://a248.e.akamai.net/f/248/17214/7d/ccimg.shop.com/images/homepage/featStores.gif then look down and to the right at this:-electronics , once you see that category click on:- see all . Ebuyer is about the 8th shop/link down.

I've just tried the above again and ebuyer has vanished. Gutted.
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