is it safe? im just about to order from there


    I have used them for a docking station (For a creative Zen) in December. Fast delivery and a safe secured checkout.
    I had to phone up Customer Services and I found them very helpful.

    Ebuyer are pretty good.. some unusual policies and some reports about bad customer service but can't say I'v had any problems with them. Great prices for the most part too.

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    unusual policies?

    Take a look at:…tml

    Basically with returns they delay as long as possible in some instances: sending it back to you/ telling you to go to the manufacturer/ generally taking forever/ holding onto payments.

    Ebuyer have slim margins so do not expect great CS and do not order anything which is time vital (delays are invitable if u need something next day usually)

    Saying that I have spent thousands with them over the years, usually using super saver delivery which get delivered days before their predicted dates (my assumption is that they have to give couriers xxx packages a day to meet contract quota as they are never on or later than predicted date on cheapest delivery and use exagerated delvery dates to encourage you to pay a few quid more for faster delivery)

    They seem to order direct from wholesalers (Order an item Computer2000 has for example on Monday, Tuesday it'll leave Computer2000 for Ebuyer in sheffield, Wednesday it'll be sent to Citylink Leeds Depot, Wednesday night/morning sent to my London depot, I get it Thursday morning)
    Unless you have multiple items of low margins that's usually how it's done.

    Ebuyer are like the Walmart of online electronics really, cheap and cheerful, but expect to chase up and moan alot if anything goes wrong. Although recently they have improved their CS lately due to all the complaints.

    I've had very few problems and have been dealing with them for many years....whenever I've had a failed product during warranty they have always replaced or refunded (if the item is no longer in stock) ....spend over £49 until noon on Monday and delivery is free this weekend.

    I had bad experiences and good ones but I still use them
    I placed 15-20 orders in the last year

    My first experience was bad.

    How ever it WAS resolved, and I got to keep all the extra goods they sent and charged me for by mistake!

    I've only used them once.

    Items where delayed when I had paid for next day.

    First they told me they had been dispatched and the 'hold up was at the distribution center. Then they said the items had not been picked.

    I cancelled my order had to wait for the money to be refunded.

    That was the first time and the last time I used ebuyer.
    I will not be ordering from them again.

    I have spent thousands and thousands on eBuyer, never used next day delivery but almost every other estimated delivery date came one day early so that is good.

    One of the cheapest places to buy your PC related items.

    I have had one dodgy product from them. In their terms on conditions it states that you must contact eBuyer within 30 days of receiving a product if it is faulty, otherwise you have to deal direct with the manufacturer,

    This particular product was a Foxconn motherboard/CPU bundle. Due to me being short of time and having to buy the rest of the parts to build the PC it was almost two months later I decided to get around to building it.

    The board was faulty and eBuyer kept telling me it was out of their hands so I had to contact Foxconn direct as it was over 30 days. I contacted Foxconn (Far eastern dodgy company), and they told me that for all European motehrbaords you have to get a refund or replacement from the vendor (ebuyer) as they do not deal with the general public in Europe.

    I contacted eBuyer time and time again threatening them with legal action but they kept telling me it was policy to deal with Foxconn. I know my rights but due to the low cost of the item I just sold the processor separate and made a £30 loss on the whole package.

    I still use eBuyer because they are one of the cheapest, in the long run I got my money back ont he savings I made.

    If the Foxconn product was an expensive one I would have contacted trading standards and got eBuyer to pay up, but for the small cost it was I could not be bothered.

    That is the only faulty product in I have had in about 50 purchases from eBuyer though.

    I bought a dvd from them.. went on holiday for 3 weeks came back and it hadn't been delivered (yes someone was in the house!).
    Contacted them and they said 'oh we forgot to send it!'

    Very cheap though.


    I bought a dvd from them.. went on holiday for 3 weeks came back and it … I bought a dvd from them.. went on holiday for 3 weeks came back and it hadn't been delivered (yes someone was in the house!).Contacted them and they said 'oh we forgot to send it!'Very cheap though.

    Didn't know ebuyer sold DVDs! And I have bought a few things from them, always had a good experience. Got a TFT monitor which had 1 dead pixel and they replaced it for me.

    EDIT: They replaced the monitor not the dead pixel HAHAHA

    I think he meant a dvd player mate.
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