ebuyer/google checkout question?


    Just a quick question

    i made this order yesterday
    Order Details - 17 Apr 2007 15:33 GMT+01:00
    Google Order No.xxxxxxxxxx- eBuyer Order No.xxxxxxxxxxx
    Delivery Status
    Not yet posted
    Dynamode 4 Port Wireless DSL Router with USB adapter - Dynamode 4 Port Wireless DSL Router with USB adapter
    Shipping & Handling (Wed 18th Apr 2007 (Next Working Day)) :
    Google Checkout £10 Bonus - £10 off orders over £30 (excluding delivery). Bonus may not appear on store's emails.
    (includes VAT £7.09)

    i cant understand why this hasnt been posted yet - and i need the item for today

    anyone know if there is any chance of the item Have being posted and google lying?

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    I made an order on friday, I paid the extra for 3 day shipping, so it was ment to come here today, but it also still hasnt been posted.

    What are they playing at? :x
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