Echo dot.

Found 4th Dec 2016
Need to buy this as a gift should I grab it now or do you think there will be deals anywhere before Christmas?
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Just been on sale for £39 so I don't think they will drop it again until after xmas.
On no I missed that x
f.y.i they are so worth the money. i have a amazon echo and a echo dot and have never regreted getting one
Yep you missed it.…790
Maybe they'll drop the price again for Xmas.
I must be missing something here - but what are folk using these dot thingies for?

surely it is just a bluetooth speaker!


I must be missing something here - but what are folk using these dot … I must be missing something here - but what are folk using these dot thingies for?surely it is just a bluetooth speaker!EliTom

​ It's voice controlled, can answer basic questions and control certain home automation products as well. I've just had an operation and am not that mobile, I've got an oil filled radiator and lamp connected to WeMo sockets that the Echo can turn on and off by voice commands, as well as set wake up alarms, play Prime music and any cds bought from Amazon with autorip etc...
Wow how technology is moving on! I was lucky to get a magazine as a Child! xx
I bought 3 in the Black Friday deals.

As I have Prime music, I have each connected to a different Bluetooth speaker.

My autistic son uses it as a timer and alarm for when to do things and get up. Also to stream from Amazon Prime music.

He would not set alarms otherwise.

I put it on at night for him to play music to help fall asleep and just tell it to turn off in 30 minutes time.

I have set up chill out/relax music as a playlist on Prime music. I tell it to play the playlist. It just works.

I play music and radio through it, use it as an alarm in the bedroom, ask the temperature/forecast so I know what to wear outside.

Downstairs we connect to the main soundbar for music. My wife (initially a 'doubter') uses it more than I. Music, alarms, timers, reading her schedule to her, shopping list, to do list, etc.

We also bought one for my mom who is disabled for her bedroom.

She listens to it for music in bed, (music and radio) sets alarms, can ask it the time (for a disabled person, invaluable, as it means she doesn't need to struggle to turn over to see a clock .)

She quickly bought another for her living room which we hooked up to her Bose with a Bluetooth adapter... Now she had access to listen to 2 million songs by just talking. No more struggling to put cds in.

She quickly followed up with a full sized echo in the kitchen.

I'm sure mom will follow up with smart lights and plugs at some point.

We have only scratched the surface with them at the moment.
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