Echo Dot and playing music on PC

Found 17th Apr
Hi, just wondering if anyone can help.

I currnently play all my music on the PC with Google Play Music.

My PC doesn't have bluetooth, so have been looking at bluetooth adapters.

Would it be possible to say "Alexa, play by favourite playlist on the PC" - and work?

Hope that makes sense!
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I don't believe there have Google play music,it has Spotify , but blue tooth apdotor are pretty cheap, i would imagine it's google home dot device u would want
No it won't work. Alexa has Bluetooth for connecting to Bluetooth speakers, once paired you just say Alexa connect to Bluetooth and it will connect to your bluetooth speaker.

A Bluetooth dongle on a PC is just used for networking and data exchange, along with connecting peripherals like mice. It will not allow you to use you PC audio output as a speaker.

Either buy a full sized Echo or buy a bluetooth speaker to use with a Dot
You can connect an Echo Dot to the line in of your PC and any music you play through it would come through PC. You would need a 3.5mm audio cable to go from the Dot to your computer which you can get very cheap on Amazon or Ebay.

This wouldn't work with Google play music though as it's not a supported service. Spotify or Amazon Music would work.
Thanks for the replies. The line in looks like the option to go along, so thanks for that. Would prefer to use my PC speaker set up as the quality is brillaint, as opposed to buying extra speakers etc.

In regards to Google Play Music - I found this guide online for it to work with Alexa.

I was looking at the Google Home Mini - However i've read that guests can't use it to control the lighting etc in the house, whereas they can with the echo. GHM would have been the best solution really.
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