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Posted 1st Nov
I am thinking of buying one, it has Dolby Atmos and meant to be the best that Amazon has at the moment. I already have the Echo plus paired with a Echo Sub which IMO sounds really good but this will pair with the Firestick 4K which I also have.
Thoughts ?
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I've also been looking this, wondering if it's a good alternative to having a Sound Bar. I believe about 300W Output is quoted, some of the recent reviews I've seen seem positive. I'm hoping it may drop in price on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.
Thought about it....... ..... Ordered it so it arrives on launch day, just read that it can pair with the Echo Sub and wireless connect with the Firestick 4K, so good news for me, just hope that this Dolby Atmos is as good as they say it is
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