Posted 3rd Oct 2022 (Posted 1 h, 22 m ago)
Hi all

Started noticing a really weird issue on my echo plus speaker a couple of days ago. So it's always worked perfectly and played my Spotify as it should but all of a sudden, just that one speaker seems to think my account is no longer linked. I'll ask it to play something from Spotify and it tells me I need to enable the skill in the app.

I've checked the skill and it's already linked and all the other speakers are working too. The other odd thing was that the kitchen speaker which is part of a group with the echo plus in the lounge was defaulting it's output to the echo plus! I've deleted the speaker group and the kitchen echo is working ok now but I'm at a bit of a loss to understand the issue being with one speaker when if anything it's an account issue. I've unplugged the echo plus a few times to see if a reboot would work but no dice.

Do I unlink Spotify and try and relink it or do I contact Amazon support to see if they can help?
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    Delete and re-add the skill. Usually does the trick.
    It seems it was bigger than that. If I asked the kitchen speaker to play Spotify it could do it (no mention of a skill issue) bit the sound came out of the sleeper that claimed it wasn't linked!

    I ended up having to deregister both devices. Echo plus took an age to re register and then lost one of the smart bulbs.

    Looks like it's all working again now