Eco quick cup style kettles

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for advice on these instant hot water kettles and what the current best ones are.

    I currently have an original Tefal Quick Cup, but this is starting to fail on me with the usual problems of water not as hot as it used to be and scum on surface of drink even with new filter.

    Can you let me know your experience of the Breville/Morphy Richards types as I've dismissed the newest Tefal as that also gets bad write ups?

    Many thanks



    They don't seem very popular at all suggesting that none of them really live up to expectations.

    I wouldn't have thought the other 2 could succeed where Tefal had failed.

    our breville hot cup is still good,we only got it at christmas but it's used all the time

    Original Poster

    Hi Housefan,

    Is your the one with the variable dispenser?

    no,just the regular one,tbh i didnt know they did a different one !
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