ECO Scheme - Replacement Boiler - EON / EDF / NPower and others

Posted 1st Jun 2020
A vulnerable family member has a broken combi boiler and I'm researching into the ECO scheme to get a discounted boiler for them. They are eligible based on the criteria on different websites, etc.

I see the main three companies currently offering this are:

EON - £395
EDF - £240 (Uses Pacifica / 0800 Repair)
NPower - Can't find a price (Uses Pacifica / 0800 Repair)

As they don't have much money I was going to recommend the EDF option, but does anyone have any experience of the ECO scheme through any of these companies (or any other company) ? - The only information I could find on 0800 Repair was someone being quoted nearer £1,000 after some 'extras' were added in.

The only other downside with EDF is they advise me that we need to pay an independent Gas Safe engineer first to inspect the boiler to confirm that it is broken beyond repair, which would add to the cost - EON tell me that is included as part of the survey with them.

I've very interested to hear from those who have gone through this before for any recommendations, etc.
Thanks in advance
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Mine was done for my tenant by Npower- fitted by 0800 repair.
Did a good job, came with 2 year warranty.
Is 2y 3m old and no call outs.
Ideal boiler fitted.
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It's shameful how all these companies add on a few hundred quid because the people getting the boiler think "it's basically free, I can afford a small contribution". We are all paying more than enough through our energy bills to cover the installation costs, yet the companies still scam the vulnerable out of yet more money.

Just get the cheapest, the standards are awful across the board.
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