Economy 7 Meter Night Rate not working - Am im being charged "Day rate" for everything?

Posted 14th Feb 2022
Hi, I could use some assistance as I just realized my night rate on my E7 meter hasn't changed at all. We moved to the UK and I've just been providing my meter readings as it shows to my previous providers without really thinking much of it, and whenever I remember. Never had much of an issue as the prices used to be reasonable.

With the new rates after switching providers I realized (by actually looking at my bill ) its currently showing my night reading as no usage since Nov2021 and only charging a day rate for day usage.

Does this mean that my new provider is charging me ALL my energy at the day rate? Or am I not paying the night rate usage? I called in and they said they can't do anything until they come out to fix my meter and tried to schedule an appointment.

I guess I'm wondering have i been lucky to just not pay the night rate and my new bills will go up after the meter gets fixed, or have I been charged at the day rate for all my usage? Does the energy company (Sainsbury's via E.ON) have a way to tell there is missing usage and I'll get charged for it later?
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