EcoScape Rubber Mulch/Chippings

Found 5th Jul 2010
Anyone know of anywhere selling EcoScape Rubber Mulch (shredded rubber for play areas)? I missed out on some on ebay for £175 for 500kg and £155 for 300kg and I wondered if anyone knew or anywhere I could get some. I am after this particular brand as it is apparantly classified as toy safe and is Metal and fibre free (no pneumatic tyres used) .

Need at least 500kg for the new wooden play set we bought
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Their website says they sell to joe public with no minimum order worth giving them a call for prices link ]here

Edit these ]guys sell it to but by sq m so again worth calling them to see how much it weighs.
Thanks for the reply, I tried their website and spoke to them direct but they quoted 650 quid for what I understand to be 500kg so I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere selling the stuff cheaper. The guy on ebay sold it for much cheaper (he sold the 500kg for £175 first and the put the 300kg up so he must have been ok with that price) so I wondered if it was available anywhere for a more reasonable price
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