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Has anyone bought anything from Ecosmobike before? Are they genuine and reliable enough? Any help would be much appreciated as i am looking to buy my first ever bike.
This bike is priced at £270. Is it good for the money?.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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No, but I like your avatar
Looks like a steel seatpost and handlebar

Heres a decathlon one you could try in a shop, still got cheap compknents but ok for price…tml
A carrera mountain bike for 350 from halfords would have much better gears brakes etc.
Folding bikes cost more for a good one since they are a bit rare
It looks fine as a bike its just a generic far east folding bike but it looks to have reasonable parts. If you are buying online without a shop setting it up for you remember you will be responsible for giving it, its safety checks and adjusting it before the first ride unless you pay a local cycle shop to do it for you but if you are doing that why not just buy locally and have that done as part of the actual purchase price. There are plenty of videos online i.e. youtube that show you what to do. Just be prepared you might need to buy a few extra tools and some grease if you haven't got any. Far eastern factories especially the cheaper factories are very minimalist with grease when assembling bikes.
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