eczema treatments?

    Anyone know any good things to treat eczema ? thanks

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    Go to the doctors and get them to prescribe you something. They'll probably give you Aqueous cream or similar (its a moisturiser and can be used as a wash aswell) you can get tubs of it in Tesco or Asda for around £2.50-£3 so it may be cheaper than a prescription. Similar cream range is Oilatum you can get that in Boots, depending on how severe it is they may give you some steriod cream. I believe you can get the Adult steriod cream over the counter at boots, asking for advice in Boots is a way to go aswell.
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    Thanks mainly on hands really think it's cause I'm really hygienic and forever wash my hands will this go away eventually?

    You are probably right about the excessive hand washing being the cause. Being overly 'hygienic' isn't a great thing to do-you are constantly washing away the natural oils in your skin that protect your hands, as well as not allowing your body to build up defences to germs. I would suggest that you try to treat the compulsion, rather than the effects. The skin problem will not go away on its own, so long as you continue stripping down the oils.
    In the meantime, I would get a natural product for moisturising, like neem cream/oil or similar…tml and perhaps see the Dr for OCD if it's so bad that you can't stop.
    Hopefully in time you can cure this. Good luck

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    maybe try using a gentle soap to wash your hands as it might be the soap itself flaring the eczema. my daughter has a range of steroids and cream off the doctor. you could try e45 if you dont want to visit doctor. one of my favorites is aveeno which has wheat extract in but can be pricey

    Eczema you can't get rid off.

    You can only treat it.

    Try aveeno, it works wonders! Aqueous cream does not suit everyone can be quite harsh, it depend on ur skin type. Hope that helps. Aveeno you can buy from boots and u can get it on prescription.

    Try Diprobase or HC45 Hydrocortisone Cream and eat brown rice.

    Would highly recommend Aveeno moisturiser, you can also get it in a hand cream which would be good for you.

    Try Eumocream its a non steroid cream and really helps in a significant number of cases. Use Pears coal tar soap instead of your usual handwash.

    hydrocortisone is a good mild steroid cream that you can buy over the counter, that should help shift the worst of it then use a moisturiser to keep it away


    Eczema you can't get rid off. You can only treat it.

    Very true

    It sounds like you are washing your hands too much - get a soap free wash to wash them with instead, this will stop your hands drying out so much. I think aqueous cream is a soap substitute, rather than an emollient, but some people react to it and it makes them worse.

    Another vote for Aveeno cream as an emollient which is brilliant!

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    Thanks for all the replies guys will definitely try some of these much appreciated

    Hi! What could well be your issues is that you suffer from eczema, due to the chemicals in the soaps or something you have been exposed to you now have case of localised dermatitis.

    You can put all the moisturiser creams you want on dermatitis but it wont help as you need to remove those layers of skin with a hydrocortisone cream. These basically cut through layers of skin, allowing a fresh clean layer to come up, from there you can take care of the Excema with the right cream for your skin.

    They amount of "cut" in the hydrocortisone cream should really be decided by a doctor. You should always use moisturisers after washing your hands, regardless of weather it says it "moisturises". If you have eczema you need to use a dedicated product, womens skin is different to mens, so applying lots of ladies hand lotions may well leave your oily and not really moisturised!

    E45 is a good when used as soap. There is general growing consensus that it should not be used widely for treating eczema as a directly applied cream. Though, some people do find it helps, others will find it a constant game of reapplying only to find they dry out a few hours later!

    Watch out the soap you are using is not something you are sensitive too, and do wear gloves when when washing up etc! Its best not to come in contact with any chemical if you can help it.

    I have suffered with eczema since my early teens and on my hands its well managed even though I wear gloves when washing up etc. I can still get dried out on occasions!


    Very true

    I think this is the first time we agree on something.


    I think this is the first time we agree on something.

    Yes, but you are 100% correct, good on you.
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