Eddie Murphy - Delirious - coming to DVD!!!

    :thumbsup: I thought maybe more people would be interested in this deal that I posted earlier - but so far only 2 replies? :?…eor

    Anyway - first time to dvd for Delirious - previously only (legally) available as a rental vhs about a hundred years ago!
    There was a time when copies were changing hands for over £100 a go :w00t:

    Anyway, it's coming to R1 dvd at the start of February - to me it's a big (HOT) deal!


    Original Poster

    so not to anyone else then!

    I loved both Delirious and Raw, watched them all the time at uni.

    Have you seen his sketch about ugly people, absolutely brilliant.

    If only he hadn't made some of the cruddy movies of late and stuck to what he was good at, a true stand up legend.
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