EDF Energy???????????

    Hi Everybody,

    Last week i met the EDF Sales Marketing person in one store and have chat with him about EDF Energy. How is rating of this company?????? He show me that its very cheap as compare to B/Gas and Npower?????

    Is it reliable company????????


    Every company will tell you that they are cheaper than all the others. Go to an online site like USwitch, Moneysupermarket, etc & you'll really find out who the cheapest is.

    They have a pretty poor reputation - I went with them anyway as they had a good deal on and true to form they made a mess of it - all sorted in a week though.

    were with EDF and never had any probs,

    i was with edf no problems however british gas are cheaper for electric so i have now changed


    been with them 4 months now and utterly useless CS

    still, £80 cashback and £90 signing up bonus made it just about worth it

    will be leaving for sure once contract ends in 8 months
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