Edge DS card which SD card??

    I was lucky enought to get hold of an Edge DS card on here & I now need a SD card for it. It supports SDHC but do I need to use an SDHC card or will a standard micro SD card work? I ain't to worried about the spped as it's for my 5 year old & he will be delighted with the new games he will be able to play.

    Now which one do I buy? Had a look on & SDHC cards are almost doiuble the price but are they really worth it?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


    I normal Micro SD card should be fine.

    standard Micro Sd will work - no need to get more than you need. 1Gb will allow more than 12 good games, 2GB lots more!

    I am not into computers or anything but treated myself to a DS and DSTT card and I would advise that you go for a 2GB sd card, as it does get used up quickly and you should leave some space and allow for games to be saved.

    Hope this helps

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone - 2gb standard from play on its way!


    Yep, you need a micro sd or sdhc card I have a 4gb sdhc in my daughters she has 70-80 roms on it without a problem
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