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Now then HUKDers, need help finding a nice, central modern hotel for my partner and I for Fri 5th Sep for two night in Edinburgh for a decent price.

Also any locals or tourists recommend a list of the sites, decent restaurants?

Forever in your debt

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I went to Edinborough last year with work on a jolly and stayed in a nice hotel called The Old Waverley (oldwaverley.co.uk/)... for two nights it would be perfect.

It is based right in the centre of town on Princes Street. Usually has quite good prices. If flying in the shuttle bus from the airport also stops right outside!

My sister and OH also stayed here and thought it was good.

You can get it much cheaper than there website suggests... hoteldirect.co.uk/web…000

Think might be able to go yet cheaper though...

Have a good time and hope this helps.
Try Trip-Advisor (tripadvisor.com/Tou…andvenere.com for hotels.

In terms of restaurants have a look at The List Eating and Drinking Guide list.co.uk/eat…ng/

Personal recommendations for food are the Ann Purna, lovely Gujurati place, but it is veggie so not sure if that's your thing. The World's End Pub (on the Royal Mile) does good pub-grub (it's always busy) and try Viva Mexico (Cockburn Street) or Pancho Villa's (Royal Mile) for good mexican food. Will check with a friend who lives there for other recommendations.
A friend sent me this when I asked for recommendations:
"Cafe St Honore is really good, higher end of the price scale, French.
David Bann, vegetarian, French.
Cheap and tasty, Bonsai - Japanese.
Office recommendations include La Concha (Italian) and Roseleaf which is down near Leith"
We stayed at Ricks and it was very cool and located near to Prince's Street They also do excellent cocktails. ricksedinburgh.co.uk/rooms

And for food try Urban Angel. It's a kind of hippy but modern place that does cracking haggis or a top notch cooked breakfast.
I second the suggesion of Cafe St Honore. Very authentic Frency food in a funny little dead end street, directly behind Ricks.

There's some kind of meal/hotel auction website which has rooms at Ricks for £70 in brekkie. ricks.priceyourmeal.com/auc…915 No idea if this is a safe site or not.
Not available from Ricks direct but oddly is available from Last Minute. Worth shopping around in case you can get it cheaper.

Bum. Ricks is fully booked. Sorry.

this plays looks ideal - plus looks like the rooms are available on laterooms??
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