Thinking of going here for a weekend in august. Staying at a premier inn but which one in edinburgh is the best situated for shops and the castle etc?

    Premier inn Haymarket or Premier Inn Lauriston Place



    Either or should be fine. I used to have a flat on Lauriston Place (ah, the memories are flooding back!!) when I was a student in Edinburgh - we could see the Castle out the back window. I used to walk everywhere from there, no need for buses really.
    If I remember correctly the Fringe Festival is sometime in August?
    Have a great time.

    Yep, just checked and it is on for most of August. I remember I saw Julian Clary and his little dog, before he became well known, at the Fringe. I'm pretty sure he used to call himself the Joan Collins Fan Club, or something similar!!
    (Goes off to Google).

    haymarket would be your best bet
    just along from princess street / george street which is the main street with the shops
    castle is opposite princess street

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys, repped

    another good option is the travel lodge just off the royal mile - pick the dates right and you'll get dirt cheap rooms and it's about as good a location as you can get :-D
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