Anyone know of any good deals for Edinburgh Zoo - going in July, 2 adults and 1 child

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    Don't know of any deals but I'd personally give the place the widest possible berth!

    Enclosures are FAR too small, air of neglect around the place when we visited in Oct 2008.

    The entrance looked modern and very promising but the actual zoo and animals was incredibly disappointing! Enclosures had litter in them, water holes in enclosures were almost dry and the whole place had a very run down feel about it including the cafes.

    The only highlight to our trip was the penguins and the penguin parade - quite honestly the rest just left me thoroughly depressed. We used to live a couple of miles from Longleat and were always there and maybe after seeing their lions and tigers, rhino's, sealions etc with so much room to move my expectations are higher, I appreciate it's a smaller zoo but I'd personally far rather see less animals in bigger enclosures than seeing these magnificent animals in horrible grotty small enclosures. My kids didn't enjoy it either!

    Why not try Camera Obscura (near the castle) that was FAB when we went last year - my 3 kids (11, 7 & 7) LOVED it and we thought it was good fun too. We used our Tesco Clubcard deals so think it only cost a couple of quid to get in on top of our vouchers. We also did Royal Yacht Britannia tho' the kids were slightly less impressed with that,
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