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    Congrats you, well done :thumbsup:

    Before i had kids that was my job, taking care of the elderly in a residential care home, although, at times, not the nicest of jobs i always felt i was doing something that alot couldn't do and never left after a days work where i felt i hadnt achieved anything. Working nights you wont have alot of contact probably. I hope you enjoy your new job and good luck:thumbsup:


    oh now i know this is off topic, but hey ho, you say you work for avon, do you know why they are not selling the avon senses foam bath anymore? My kids love it and i cant get it any more, have they permantly stopped selling it?


    oh not good to be walking round carrying all that, you have to get yourself one of them pull along trolley things, told my daughter i was getting one and she said "well i aint being seen with you with one of them" cheeky mare she is

    Presumably you heard the story about the care assistant who decided to save time by putting all the dentures into one basin to soak overnight (instead of filling individual glasses). Worked fine until the next morning....

    Isn't it terrible that some of the most important and worthwhile jobs in our society are paid so little?
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