Editing an image!! need advice

    Hi everyone,

    I have an image which is in colour but it has a squre background on it which is white. I'm trying to use the image on a coloured background but the white makes it look silly. Does anyone know a free program which will allow me to cut out the image so i don't have the white background still on it?



    Post the image on here one of us will sort it for you.

    Download the trial version of paint shop pro X2 from here;…406

    Open your image

    On the toolbar on the left will be one called magic wand, select that (You will have to click the arrow next to the third icon down to see it)

    Click on the white area, it will then highlight all of the white

    Click selections then invert selection

    That will then select everything but the white, copy that

    Open your new background and paste it in

    The Gimp


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    Post the image on here one of us will sort it for you.

    Ahh thank you but i have a couple of pics i need to edit:thumbsup:

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    thanks for your posts guys and i have downloaded the programs to see which one i can use the easiest. Rep left

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