editing and creating a realistic looking newspaper article

    can it be done and how can I go about it?
    playing a wind up on a freind and would like to make a realistic looking newspaper to add to the joke

    any help most grateful and rep will be added


    PhotoShop is your answer!!!

    You want to print it out or online?

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    basically want to make a newspaper clipping that looks the real deal so i can email it to them and they get sucked in a lil more lol

    You mean something like this?

    PhotoShop will be best, I started to use it a bit during this year of Uni to build my website but not that good with it, but you can do anything with it!!

    There must be some PhotoShop people around!!! :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Harlzter you do that????

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    You mean something like this?

    yeah!!!!!! tell me how pleaseeeeee

    [quote=Mardyass;2310027]yeah!!!!!! tell me how pleaseeeeee[/quoteh
    This? Easy!

    Use this ]snippet generator all online too, quick and easy!

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    fabulous! thankyou rep added

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    omg they fell for it lmao

    wahhheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy they now think a piece of junk they have is valued at £20k
    thanks all for your help
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