Educational DS games

Hello all

anyone know any good edcational type of games for the DS,please?

My daughter is 6 and the granparents got her a DS. so need to buy some cheap games whihc are fun and educational.




Nothing like a bit of sarcasm. Maybe the OP wanted some recommendations from people.

My daughter loves the book type ones, shes got Cathy Cassidy (maybe a bit old) some Enid Blyton ones and 'too ghoul for school'. They have lots of mini games and interactive features to encourage them to read the books. They were £4.99 at toys r us at one point, not sure if they still are!

Original Poster

Thanks for all the positive replies.

I indeed wanted some personal recommendations from people who have children that age who have a DS.

Hi my dd is 6 and loves scribblenauts, teaches them how to spell
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