Found 10th Apr 2010
does anyone know any good childrens software for the computer please? To suit a 9 year old girl, ideally to teach computer skills, maths, spelling, and maybe geography / history.
I'm not really looking for online things at the moment, would rather she got the hang of it offline first.

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i used to find zoombinis fun =)

The "PC Play & Learn" series is good. Might be a bit too young for your LO though.

Microsoft encarta is pretty good imo

You would probably be best going through Amazon and reading reviews, OP.
I would rather have some software too because I dont like letting my 2 lose on the web, but I havent founf any software I would particularly recommmend.

My 2 quite liked SpongeBob Squarepants typing tutor, which as the name suggests, teaches typing skills - worth buying if you can get it cheap enough ( or download :whistling:)


Microsoft encarta is pretty good imo

The Eyewitness one has better reviews, costs £7odd at ]amazon

States Windows 95/98, anyone know if it would work on Vista?

Have A Look At The Bectra Deals... Free Software. Home Access…tml

my son is following this...and he has taken to it so well but im not sure if your daughter is too old? edit i just looked its age 8 up

doesnt her school website have learning aids? i know you said you dont want the net but i just save all the sites he can go on into his faves and he clicks on them?…ts/

like this..

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Have A Look At The Bectra Deals... Free Software. Home Access

My daughters eligible for this but I got her a better spec laptop from a different site and saved £20, which is why I'm looking to get her some software

Thanks everyone for the tips, will have a look. I managed to get a mental maths game from a car boot for 5p today too :-D
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