EE 2.5% pay monthly increase! 30-March-17

    Just had this text...

    Hi, from 30 March 2017 your monthly price plan will increase by 2.5% in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) published in January 2017 and as detailed in your terms. For example, a £45.56 price plan will increase by £1.13 a month. Please visit…9gh for more info and to calculate your new monthly plan cost.

    I presume this increases is to low to cancel without having to pay remaining contact?


    If this is outlined in your terms, and the increase is in line with that, you can't use it to escape a contract.

    Unfortunately all of the networks use this RPI thing as an excuse to increase your bills every year.

    It's just one of the many ways that they screw over their loyal customers.

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    Balls, oh well only have Aug before I can leave

    in the last price increase there were a few people who managed to get out of their contracts. I tried but didnt get anywhere with it.
    its worth a try!

    oops double post.
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