EE 2.5% RPI Price Increase + BT line rental saving.

Found 15th Feb 2017
Now, obviously not a deal but the following may help other save some £'s. (Long read)


I returned home from work today to find I had an email from EE.

It stated the following.

''Hello ******,
We’re getting in touch to let you know about the Retail Price Index (RPI) change to your monthly price plan(s), which will take effect from 30th March 2017. RPI is a measure of the change in prices for consumers on average across the country over the last 12 months. The RPI figure published by the Office for National Statistics in January 2017 is 2.5%.

Numbers impacted:

What this means to you?
Any bills you receive from 30th March 2017 will show a 2.5% increase in the monthly price of your plan(s). Below we’ve listed some of our popular price plans to give you an idea of how your price plan(s) will change.

All prices include VAT and if you want to calculate the new price of your plan click here to visit our website and input your plan charges.

We appreciate that price rises are never welcome but we want to reassure you that we’re dedicated to giving you the best possible experience, including:
• Investing in bringing you the UK’s biggest and fastest network
• Ensuring all customer service calls are now answered in our UK and Ireland call centres
• Helping you to stay in control of how much you spend with built-in data caps
For more information, please refer to clause 7.4 of your EE network terms (or clause 7.1.4 if you have joined or upgraded with us before 11 November 2015) which can be found here. Alternatively, if you’d like some more info, click here to view some frequently asked questions on our website.

Mark Carberry
Director of Consumer Operations

Now, a little background.

I was an Orange customer for around 8 years, then transferred to EE when they merged with T-Mobile.

I was on a SIM only contract for a couple of years (With EE) as I always bought my handsets outright and never used 1000's of minuted, text's and X amount of data each month, so I was happy with my £12 sim only contract .

Now, I returned home this evening to the above email, So, I decided to call them.

I originally connected to a nice lady who queried the nature of my call. I explained that being a loyal customer, I was not happy at the RPI increase and explained the above statement, (I was a long serving customer that was not happy at the increase) after a few security questions she patched me through to another employee who again queried my call. After explaining in detail (that I was not happy) the 2nd gentleman patched me through to *Complaints line* which was answered by a gentleman called 'Richard'

I explained in detail to 'Richard' that I was not happy with the increase and that I would be looking to perhaps cancel my contract due to the increased payments I felt that was imposed upon myself. However, if they were waver the increase, I would stay 'loyal' and remain a customer of EE.
'Richard' stated that the T&C's would have been applied when I signed the contract and that the RPI was also stated when I did within it,
I held my ground and stated that although this was in the 'small print' and that I had actually signed this, the agreed RPI was not stated as a guaranteed percentage of 2.5%.

After placing me on hold as he had to 'speak with his manager' he returned to inform me that a £29.79 credit would be applied to my account (The cost of the RPI Increase for the duration of the contract over the months) If I were to remain with them as a good will gesture.

I agreed- so saving the RPI increase

I hope this helps other EE Costumers.

If you have received same email, contact them.


Now, after the above, I did not stop there.

I moved into a new property in January of last yea (2016)

I took out a BT line rental with BT infinity 2 for £51.99 per month.
I'm in quite a remote location within Cumbria area and BT was the only supplier of the area, plus I only wanted the internet , so the 88MB's download I currently receive is not bad for the region.

I've been happy with the service since I moved in, but I was with Virgin for around 10 years previously, but Virgin was not 'available yet in the area'

Now, as you know with BT, you must have line rental in order to receive your broadband. so this increases the price compared to Virgin.

Since I moved in, I have never, NOT ONCE, made a landline phone call, ( I don't even own a home phone) and after I talked to EE about the above, I thought I would contact BT to see If I could get a reduction on my line rental, seeing as I have never made a home phone call.

To my amazement, I explained to the guy 'Nas' who answered my call that I have never used the home line in over 13 months since it was installed, and that I was looking for a reduction on my bill without reducing the speed of my home broadband.

Again, 'Nas' placed me on hold to 'Speak with his manager' and came back 2 minutes later and stated that they would reduce my bill to £41.19 per month (from £51.99) as my bills show that I have no used my home phone above the evening and weekend calls that included with my package.
I asked would this affect my download speed and the answer was no, everything would remain the same - Happy Customer!

I did not argue and accepted my new T&C's

I came home expecting a price increase on my mobile from March, and ended up actually saving money!

I hope this post helps others.

Kind regards
Community Updates
The BT price you were given isn't great TBH. They just offered me £14.50 plus line rental for Infinity 2 on an 18m contract, existing customer previously paying £10p/m plus line rental for Infinity 1.
And dont forget that as a BT broadband customer you should be able to get a SIM only deal between £5 and £10pm depending on data limit. They're on the EE network so your BT SIM would work in your EE phone.
Well done good on you EE wouldn't of budge if you was still with in minimum contract terms as you was out of contract you had a level playing field. I believe if you had of pushed for more you would of got it you had the upper hand of leaving.
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