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Found 5th Feb 2013
Right, So I taken out EE home broadband out a week before new year. They were scheduled to come and fit the internet on the 31st December but didn't turn up (despite receiving letters and such informing us we had to be in or a charge would be applied to our account) I finally got through to customer services on the 3rd Jan and they said an engineer should be out that week to install the package. He later came and just connected us to the exchange and informed us we had to wait ten days for the router to come. I should of just cancelled there and then. Since then we have had nothing but trouble. Low internet speeds and a bussing on the phone line. Despite numerous calls to them and them doing speed checks, I am still only getting 0.24 mbps internet speed. We signed up to 14mbps and unlimited.....

Can I cancel? Is there anything I can do to strengthen the signal?
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This is the fastest yet! We have had 0.11, 0.14 and 0.18 today... Our upload speed is around 0.64/
Id give you advice but by the time you load this page your contract will be up!

Just get it canceled and anything you have paid refunded I'd say!
Its like the old days were just a line at a time will load.
me and OH are with them on mobiles and the internet is faster!

Just seen the offer for half price sky for a year, think thats the way forward
Am I within the cancellation period tho?
If you're on a monthly contract with EE for the broadband then just cancel and move on. However, if the contract is for a longer period, don't be surprised if EE charge you for the balance of the contract. Have a look at their Ts&Cs before you do anything.
I took it on a 18 month contract... But its been up and running less then 3 weeks

I took it on a 18 month contract... But its been up and running less then … I took it on a 18 month contract... But its been up and running less then 3 weeks

The answer seems to be here

EE Ts&Cs

If you join an EE home broadband plan, and your internet speeds are significantly lower than estimated when you joined, you may be able to cancel your Broadband plan and call package within 3 months of provisioning your plan. See your plan’s terms and conditions for more information.
just waiting for them to ring me back now
Plug in to your test socket, just make sure it's definitely a problem on their end.
ive tried everything mate. must be there end...
Ethernet to mac
ethernet to TV
Everything else off and ipad connected wirelessly.
Same with Iphone...

Even tried speed test on phone and mac and there the same.

Just out of curiosity, whats the test socket?
If you're within the 1st 3 months of service the provider falls to provide the promised minimum line speed then you can cancel without penalty.
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