EE - BT Sport - Large screen Casting - extra cost

Posted 19th Feb 2020
I'm upgrading my contract and use BT Sport as an add on.

I just spoke to EE chap and said could he throw in the additional cost of putting it on a larger screen - it was only £5 a month.

He said he couldn't but then said something odd - 'I can't change the price but I'm sure you can use the internet, theres ways of working around BT Casting option.'

Now, I don't cast my mobile screen, I have the BT Sport App on my Apple TV - which I thought was the same thing - but now I'm unclear if I even need additional cost - as I am not actually 'casting' I am running the tv app separately altogether.

And what was he getting at when he said you could 'get around' the casting thing - rooting or something else?

Has anyone else got BT Sport via EE - is it work the extra cost, is it even necessary?
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