Found 8th Apr
I upgraded my 25gb EE data sim to 32gb when it was discounted from £29 down to £14.50 on here at the start of March, when the bill came at the end of March it was £46.

Despite 2 phone calls to them and their promise to sort it out the cost of the contract still shows as £29 when I log in to my account and I have not received a refund. What other action can I take if this is not resolved soon?


Ring 150 once again and ask to speak with the manager. 2nd line (managers) can sort things out immediately
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Email the CEO, that's what I done and kept doing everyday until someone replied. In the end it got sorted, I got a more discounted contract, money back and everything finally all sorted.

My discounts didn't show in the summary page but were on the bill. Ring EE ask them to listen to your previous call and it will all get sorted....easy does it

You won't see the discounted price in your account summary - it will show the full price. The discount is often listed in 'add ons'. I believe that your first bill is always more expensive because you pay for two months upfront, but I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure whenever I upgrade with EE my first bill is much more expensive though.
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