EE Data limit increase - NOT AN OFFER

Found 14th Jan 2014
Just to clear some stuff up.... this is not an offer as such. Similarly, it's not a contest to see who the best network is, or how much you dislike 4G.

Call 150 to see how much extra data allowance you can get for FREE !!!

If like me, you are in a 24 month deal from EE, you can call 150 to see if the price you are currently paying will now offer more data.

I had 4g with 2GB data limit (unlimited calls and texts). I pay £41 per month.

I called up to enquire about more data, and EE rep informed me that the price I pay will now offer me 20gb data limit. No change to my price plan, does not start a new 24 month contract, it simply puts your price plan up to date with what they currently offer!

You can't lower the price you pay, but you can get more thrown in!

20GB 4G data limit instead of 2GB for the same price.

See what you can get!
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£41 for 2gb!!!!! You must be dumb
Im on 24 months plan with Samsung s4 6 months in on EE 4G 1G net and out and about sometimes videos don't play at all sometimes it just spins for ages even 3G wasn't that bad. . I'd like more data if they offering it why not! !

£41 for 2gb!!!!! You must be dumb

those were the prices when I took out a contract.

I can confirm that this is an offer for 24 month contracts. I called and asked about my limits and he offered me 10gb but then saw that I'm on a 18 month contract and cannot do anything.
has anyone had any luck on 18 month contracts?
yeah 18 month 36 quid 1gig allowance anyone gone through the hassle of speaking to or even getting through to Orange cs to be told no deal.
What about SIM only? Do we get anything? I feel I got the best offer when I bought my 5c and got a SIM from EE! Was £31 for unlimited texts and calls, and 3GB data, they took a tenner off a month, so £21 a month!!
Ahhh!! I now understand this! Because they add new plans, the older ones go down in the price. Say you currently get 3gb data for £31 a month, that one has now gone down to £26, but the new £31 has 5gb of data, if you ring up, you should be able to get the 5gb for no extra cost!
Cheers, bumped upto unlimited minutes and 2 gig of data, all for a £5 reduction in plan...

Nice one!
i got the lg g2 on 37.99 pm/24month contract for unlimited minutes/texts and 2gb of data 2 month ago. just rang them and got my data increased from 2gb to 20gb no strings, everything stays the same apart from the data increase. not bad considering i get 40% f&f discount too.:D
I'm on a 24 month 4G contract with EE, and I called 150 and enquired about the increased data limits and they just told me that if I need more data then to buy an add on when prompted. A I missing something here?
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