EE Early Terminations Charges - Are you due a refund?

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Hey Guys,

Ofcom have opened an investigation into EE's Early Termination Charges (ETC) (Links below)

EE have been over charging many customers for years,

Under section 8 of EE's Network terms it states "The Cancellation Charge is the total of the Monthly Charges for the remainder of the Minimum Term, less any discount You are entitled to."

Customers of EE that had monthly discounts on top of their line rental and then have cancelled there contract with an early termination charge may be due a refund.

The way EE have worked out their Early Termination charges has been the months left of your contract times by your line rental at full price, minus 20% VAT (As VAT can't be charged on an ETC), but if you had a monthly discount on top of your line rental EE never gave you this discount when cancelling.

Ofcom are now ensuring EE resolve this, so if you have had a contract with EE, possibly had discounts when you cancelled with a ETC, then I would recommend you check if your account did have a discount (possibly a bill would show this)

This applies to any discount that you may have had on your account, as i've checked this with Ofcom.

Link to EE's Network Terms

Link to Ofcom's Investigation
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Good to know they are finally being forced to be a bit more fair. I left with 6 days until the end of my contract and ended up paying some stupid amount that was almost half of my actual monthly cost. Put in a complaint and got it back easy enough, but a lot of people won't bother.

In my situation I had a PAC code, and because the transfer sometimes takes a few days I did it a couple of days early to ensure I didn't fall in to a "new month" with EE.

Thanks for the heads up! Will help some people for sure
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