EE existing customers upgrade 160GB SIM only

Posted 9th Jul 2022 (Posted 11 h, 57 m ago)
Called EE upgrades as I'm out of contact and they offered me 160GB 5G + unlimited calls and texts on a 24 month contract. Guy said it was an 'existing customer offer' that they could do over the phone. I had wanted the BT £13.50 a month for 50GB but I'm not a BT customer.

I know there's cheaper out there but I wanted to stay with EE and couldn't be bothered with porting my number out and back in. Hope it helps someone who's similarly lazy.
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    For how much?
    Just what I was thinking.. (edited)
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    On my EE I can see this as an upgrade option for me but it's £20 on 24 month contract, so you did ok.

    I'm sure someone will be here shortly telling us he got unlimited everything for £6 on EE
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    Go on then, tell us, what price did you get it for ?
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    I just called and the guy flat out denied they were offering it. I had him check with management and he came back saying the same thing, it's not on offer. I've asked for it to be researched and am waiting on a call back, I'll let you know what happens.

    Replying to

    On both hands 🤞🤞 😁
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    If you phone they'll offer this option over the phone. I had the same £20 offer online but this seems to be open to anyone over the phone as they offered it instantly.
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    I’m still in contract until November but I can upgrade now, best I can see is 160gb smart sim so I can use the smart for roaming £25 but half price for 3 months 20% discount so works out just over £18 a month for 24 months
    I must admit Ee have the best customer service. I’ve come across on mobiles.
    I’m off to Florida this week and forgot to change my smart pass from Apple Music over to roaming,
    so thought I would give them a ring and instantly she changed it to the Roaming,even though I was a few days into the month so I am not moving away from ee great service
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    Just called them up and was offered the 160gb 5G for £15pm. Thanks OP, been needing a 5G plan for a while I've been on 4G.
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    How much please?
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    Can you renew contract at the lower price if you are 5 months till end of contract?
    That's not how a contract works... But no harm in asking !
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    They make stuff up I swear, I called for an additional line and they straight up gave me unlimited 5g for £20

    Haven't seen it anywhere though
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    That's £12.50 for the first 3 months then it goes back up to £25.
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