EE Fibre V BT Fibre - same line?

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EE were bought out by BT

EE offer the same speeds as BT for cheaper?
any catch do you think?

I have used BT fibre and its great in my area, the EE guy says its the same line but cheaper. Does that sound correct? the speeds will be exactly the same?


BT offer me a min download speed of 50 mb on a 52 mb line for 31.99/month
EE said min download speed of 32 mb on a 76 mb line for 31.99/month

with the differences in min guaranteed speeds, how can it be the 'same line' as he put it?

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Overly simplistic comparison but hope this helps. There's a lot of tech that conspires to make things good or bad depending on your experience.

In terms of download speed; Imagine its a water pipe coming down your road. The companies all share the same pipe but some will connect 10 houses cheaply to one pipe and other companies will only connect 4 and charge more. If 10 houses are with one supplier and 2 with another, then the 2 will get better supply anyway because fewer people are drawing on the supply.

Its a question of how you use the water. If you run lots of baths that need lots of water (akin to downloading films/TV etc), you may get fed up and be prepared to pay for a better supply. If you shower, you use less water but you still want some sort of decent pressure. At peak times you probably will notice but does it matter to you with your lifestyle and the time of day you run baths/showers?

To some of us who upload photos etc to the internet, the upload speed matters. Most ISPs restrict your upload speed heavily. Very heavily. Others let it go as fast as the system can manage.

Your kids will ALWAYS notice slow broadband because they spend their lives online. A lot of games work out who has the fastest broadband and make that player the host for the gaming.

And then there's the support. You can go with BT and talk to Chennai. You can go with Plusnet (part of BT) and talk to someone in Sheffield. You can go with EE and talk to someone in a massive call centre in the wealthy suburbs of Darlington.

I tend to swap each year and limit the choice to Plusnet (normally good service. excellent unscripted support. OK on price), Sky (cheap but keep bundling things to make leaving awkward. loathe with a vengeance but the product works) and BT (hate unutterably. service fine when working but heaven help you when it goes wrong and the billing is a nightmare. Arrogant complacent bunch of (words UKHD won't let me post - insert your own vermin description). Scripted support service from India which assumes you have the latest BT wall socket and is keen that you pay for their fixing their problem.
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They are very different, I got 71mbps with BT and 52.5 after swapping for same "up to" speed. The equipment terminating your line at the exchange is different depending on your ISP.
I think BT are a rip off, and I hate subsidising BT Sport despite having no interest in it, but I find their router and sync speeds to be unbeatable.
It's the same line but that is where the differences end, each ISP will have their own equipment, network settings, hub configuration, then you have different level support, BT are a level 2 provider so they can fix faults 24 hours faster than a level 1 provider like Sky.

EE offer 38 mbps or 76 mbps FTTC
BT offer 55 mbps or 76 mbps FTTC (you can get 38 mbps but not unlimited packages)
Bt are so expensive ,I pay £45 with Virgin for 100mb ,tv,phone
ashmac5 h, 57 m ago

Bt are so expensive ,I pay £45 with Virgin for 100mb ,tv,phone

I pay bt £8.50 for 54mb download ,8mb upload & phone. Youview plus tv is free. £45 is a ripoff
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