EE Mobile bills are going up 2.2% from 30th March 2020

Posted 5th Feb
I am having a contract until Jul-2020 with EE. I've received an email that they are increasing a bill 2.2% from end of March.
My question is that can I cancel my Contract or Early upgrade withEE?
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Can’t cancel as it’s written into the t&c normally you can only cancel if it’s a significant amount.
If increase is above contractual RPI you can cancel at no penalty, and EE will have informed you if this was the case within the price rise notification.
I’m in contract until next year and not received anything?
RPI increases are expected mid contract i am afraid. they are all at it.
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The increase is as per the contract you agreed to.
The increase is not above RPI so no grounds for leaving early at no penalty, which explains why no such leaving option was included within the price rise notification.
You are tied into the contract . T&Cs . They will put them up to just what they are allowed .
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