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Hi guys I am wondering if someone can help me out. My home phone and broadband is currently with EE but in my mums name. But if you are a EE mobile customer and a broadband customer you can get an extra 5gb of data/ month.
I am looking to join EE on a mobile contract (which would be in my name). As I still stay at home does anyone reckon that I would be able to claim the extra 5gb data for my contract?
Unlikely I guess but if anyone could confirm my doubts I'd be grateful.


No, you'd have to have your mobile on your mum's account, I assume she pays the BB bill? Could ask her to put you on there and pay her monthly the cost of your mobile bill.

cant you take it out in your mums name?

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I don't really fancy taking anything out in her name. She wouldn't mind but I'd rather not.

I don't agree.. my mobile contract and my broadband are NOT linked. seperate accounts direct debits etc. to get the 5meg free they add the mobile number on the broadband account.
If the broadband account holder provides this I see no issue. once you get the phone get your mum to call them.. You may even be able to add it online..

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Thanks guys. I gave them a wee message and it turns out that it apparently can only be the account holder. That being said I imagine if you just give them the mobile number they won't really to too aware. I think I'll just upgrade with O2 instead..
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