EE no longer on third party sites?

Posted 23rd Mar 2022
Does anyone know why you cant get an EE contact through a third party comparison sites? Looking to get a new deal but cant find any for EE now?
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  1. mutley1's avatar
    Plusnet is useless.
  2. bigwheels's avatar
    BT mobile and plusnet use the EE network. Plusnet does not allow 5 digit text. ie paying for parking.
    Just looked and found deals for EE,, money supermarket, techradar etc.
  3. TrannosaurusBex's avatar
    Slightly late to the party on this one, but I've only just come across this myself. This (click) is the best info I could find
  4. Moss.b's avatar
    Tbh never saw them on comparison websites. So must be something new and it was pulled before I noticed.
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