EE Out of Bundle price hike - leave?

Found 22nd May
As per…8-2 it says:
'Only customers with material detriment (customers whose total bill value
after adding the new Out Of Bundle (OOB) allowance rates exceeds 5% of
the bill value) are allowed to terminate the contract.'

I assume this means if you're using any of the listed services and their cost per month exceeds 5% of your monthly bill you can cancel - is this correct? How much/often does this have to happen - could you conceivable sms one place that would cost >5% of bill and the nrequest a cancellation? Just wondering as this is on top of their previous monthly price hike this year alone.
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Unfortunately I think you'll have to prove that you regular use these out of plan service and the increase will exceed 5% of your bill. I don't agree with it though, just because you don't use it regularly doesn't mean you won't at some point, and this changes an aspect of your plan that you agreed to upon starting the contract. But I doubt it'll go anywhere
EE claims this is not related to the RPI increase and is covered separately in their T's&C's.

Customer Service agreed they can do anything they want with non-standard costs and won't allow contract termination without significant penalty (SIM only contract).
So 100% price rise on certain calls, 50% rise on the ones I make occasionally. Maybe not enough to trigger the Material Detriment rule, but certainly enough to mean that I shall be leaving at the earliest opportunity.

Was offered a sweetener, but declined on principle. Still bitter about them applying RPI increases at the non-discounted rate meaning that my bill rose by 8.2% and took some persuading to fix it.

Not the first argument over inappropriate price rises, definitely the last.
I'm guessing as they contacted me direct - I am affected.
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