EE £206 international call charges!

Posted 6th Apr 2021
Hey everyone. In a bit of a pickle. My mum unfortunately called abroad (Bangladesh) directly thinking she was doing a WhatsApp call. As a result, she incurred £206 for that 75 mins call!!

Her mobile contract is actually under my EE contract as I share my data with her. I have a free add on that gives me cheap international calls from my mobile. So the call to Bangladesh should’ve been 8p a min. However, I have found since that the add on was not on her mobile contract but mine only. Apparently I should’ve added it manually again after I got her contract. My complaint is that the free add on should apply across all my lines rather than only the one it was added to.

EE have offered to reduce the charge down by 50% thereby leaving me with £103 worth of calls. I am still unhappy and went through to the executive complaints who offered me the same thing: 50% off. They said take it or go via ombudsman.

They will call me tomorrow to confirm what I want to do.

My question is should I just accept it or go via the ombudsman. Are they calling my bluff or will they not go any lower?
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