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Found 22nd Oct 2016
I did the recent deal on EE where you get 12 month SIM only 16GB data for £19.99 a month plus £70 odd quid cashback on Quidco or an Amazon voucher, I chose the Quidco and did NOT apply the Amazon voucher code as part of my order

Anyway the Quidco was later found to be declined so I made a claim and now the retailer decision has come back as declined too.

What on earth is going on?! I've not broken any terms, the only thing I can think of is EE had to phone me up for additional security checks before posting the SIM out but I've now been on the contract about three months without issue

Would it be easiest to try via Quidco again or go and have a moan at EE directly? (Maybe they would send me a Amazon voucher out if nothing else!)
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Moan at both see who gives in first.
EE always wriggle out of cash back I ordered via TCB and they declined. My appeal was declined as apparently there was no evidence on my order that I used TCB. Eventually TCB paid me out of there own pocket
i tried both. cashback declined so far...wasnt expecting amazon voucher till next month...must phone up and see what the SP is
do you pay for premium quidco, if you do use live chat. I have found with premium they are pretty good and responsive when it comes to the likes of this.
my sister having same problem, they came back with that she has stopped paying her monthly bill even though she hasn't and obviously has proof to show the SIM is still active
They declined mine too but for a different deal and I've not made any phone calls or received any from them I am wary about doing that.
Create a cash back claim. All my purchases from all retailers are being declined. 3 John Lewis orders not tracked. So missed out on 120 gold coins. I have had to create cash back claims for £8 of purchases. Some confirmed now.
I had no problem with EE cashback payments with tcb before
You'd have to deal with Quidco not EE. EE won't be interested.
Some cashback deals have to be fully completed online, so if they had to call you to complete the order, you won't get your cashback. It normally says in the T&Cs on Quidco.
Damn ee scammers, mine was pending and now declined.
I had a moan at EE after my quidco got rejected and they have now credited my account to the value that the cashback should have been. So I would recommend having a chat with them, make sure you haveall of you emails with your cashback confirmations etc.
Hi @johncas

Thank you for your post and I'm very sorry to hear your cashback was declined.

Unfortunately unless the retailer has passed us the referral commission, we are unable to credit this to your account as cashback. I can't discuss details of your account over a public forum however if you have completed the transaction over the phone (offline) this will result in a decline as we would not be recognised as the referrer of the sale.

The support team will be able to advise on the declined claim in your account should you wish to get in touch here…us/ however please be assured that we will always challenge a declined claim with a retailer before contacting you (we have nothing to gain from declined cashback either) and in this instance they will have confirmed that your claim has been declined correctly.

You can find additional information on reasons why cashback may be declined here…468

Kind Regards,

Quidco Company Representative
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