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Found 11th Jan 2018
Hi All,

I've got a couple of contracts with EE that are just about to finish, we'll probably go for new handsets on a 24 month contract. I was wondering what others have managed to get from them recently ?

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Look on their site find a handset that isn't a saledeal currently and take off 20%-30% and you'll see what you can expect.

I believe SIM only deals are upto 35% off (maybe higher).

That's how the retention deals work for Vodafone. So I'd expect it's the same for EE.
i found ee good for retention in the past but they aren't that great any more. they say that their new policy is that you go and look for a deal on the market then come back to them to see if they can match it.
EE used to be really good when trying to keep current customers...
Don’t ask about getting an iPhone for a lower monthly price (it won’t happen) your best bet will be to look into the Samsung galaxy S8 or google pixel. 🏻
The past couple of times I’ve upgraded via a reseller such as Buymobiles. They’re usually cheaper than going direct but not as cheap as they used to be.
Starting new with has always been cheaper than EE retentions, advisors bonus is made up of the money they can get from you and are not punished if you leave, so they have no reason to save you.
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