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Found 2nd Feb
My current simo is about to end and EE are offering me 30gb for 17.99 but currently I’m paying 14.99
For 20gb, my argument is why can’t you offer it me for the same price I’m currently paying. They keep making excuses that they can’t, and I can tell the advisor is lying over the phone. What should I do?
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An extra £3 for 10gb do any sound too bad to me. Essentially £11 off as it’s £29 on their website. Why should they offer you the same price? They are doing you a favour by offering more at a steep discount anyway.
Depends what the extra data is worth to you. If you're not going to use the extra then it's worthless.
If you don't like it, walk away. End of. What is there to argue about?
How can you tell they're lying?
You might not be talking to a real Retention person, renewals do try it on sometimes, request your pac code and await a phone call from retention, but be prepared to walk, theres plenty of deals out there at the moment.
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