EE second line deal help with haggling

Posted 3rd Dec
My mum wants to get a second line from EE for an iPhone 11. The deals are pretty shocking compared to other sites but she wants to stick with EE. I think the deal she was offered is £100 upfront and £54 a month roughly £49 after her second line discount. I’ve seen people over the time haggle with them to get it cheaper.

What do we do? Is it best over online chat or over the phone. Do we say you can get it for say £35 a month with no upfront from such and such and hope they give us a better deal.

Thanks xx
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Afaik if it’s a new additional line, the discount isn’t the greatest. The haggling is usually when you already have a number and at the end of your contract you ask for a PAC etc
I have a second one for my partner and she only pays £9 towards it, the data, minutes and texts are shared and that's a 20G package, I pay £23 for it. Hope that helps, go through to retention team as the sales team just want the money, retentions team will want your custom (hopefully)
Your monthly cost is a bit unrealistic, if you want to spend less look at her XR (I work in phone retail pricing)

No profit in your monthly cost without a substantial upfront cost
If you find it cheaper somewhere else you can tell EE and they will match that cheaper price.
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