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Found 11th Jul
I have a massive 40gb sim only deal (£20 pm)with EE. I want to get my teen daughter a sim and share that data with her. Does anyone know the best deals that can be had?
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EE allows you to share your data with her. just get another cheap EE sim(not sure if payg will work), link the sim to your account and you can transfer data between each other as and when.
so every month, you can send over 5gb of data to her if you wanted. like i said, you'd have to check if it applied to payg sims too. if not, get the cheapest contact sim on ee and job done.
As above, not PAYG though will need to be pay monthly sim on your account or set up as family, they do have a FUP on how much data and how often you can do this though so do your homework first.
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