EE Sim only Upgrade 200GB Unlim Call & Sms £20.70 x 24 = Total £496.80

Posted 11th Nov 2021
Ive been out of contract with my EE sim only since 2019...havent upgraded since i couldn't find a better ee deal. Currently on 100GB for £20 pm.

Called them the other day and they woudnt budge with any negotiations.

Just checked my account and it shows 10% loaylty discount on any phone, tablet & sim contract.

So the cheapest deal (i know 2yrs) with 200GB with 5G, has come down to £20.70 from £23... Considering connectivity and data speed this is currently the best option with EE if you want to upgrade.... You might still want to wait for BF...


£20.70 X 24 = £496.80
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