EE Unlimited Data Add-on £10 @ EE

Posted 16th Nov 2021
In the EE app today there is an offer for unlimited data add-on. Seems to be limited to 50gb EU and 600gb FUP.

Seems okay value if you can make use of it, especially as it's 30 day rolling so could turn it on for holiday for example?

So to re-iterate:

No known end date.
Certain plans only, but no idea which ones.
600GB/Month FUP.
100GB/Month Giftable.
50GB/Month Outside of UK as long as you joined before 7th July 2021.
30 Day Rolling Add-on
Cancellable by texting STOP UNLIMITED ADD-ON to 150 at any time.

Terms Link:
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  1. Allosunshine's avatar
    They were offering it for £5 in last years Black Friday.
  2. alexjameshaines's avatar
    So worth holding out then if you can, but as it happens I need it for three days starting tomorrow so they are going to get a tenner off me
  3. yozzman1234's avatar
    Got it for £5 last year .
  4. alexjameshaines's avatar
    Terms link takes you here…ons
  5. deleted2283869's avatar
    How do I add this on please. Gone to the app and add ons but not showing there? Will come in useful for when I’m away next week
  6. pease's avatar
    My is showing £25
  7. Blackhorse's avatar
    These are normally account specific,
    Usually targeted at accounts that don't use a huge amount of data.

    Still great deal for those it shows up for
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