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Found 12th Jul 2017
Iv been due an update for a while now Iv had my iPhone 6 for ages and wasn't really impressed with the iPhone 7.

I am interested in going for the Samsung galaxy s8 and wanted advice on on any good upgrade options that others have had or taken up.

I was offered 40 gb data with free calls and text messages etc and pay no fee for the s8 but the Monthly charge is about £67 odd which is a bit too high for me.

Any advice on offers people have had I dnt really want to pay more than £40 max a month
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Having worked for EE as both customer service and in retail sales, I would never recommend going through 3rd party companies such as Carphone Warehouse or (which are owned by the same company btw). I have seen far to many cases of "new" contracts being sold as "upgrades" and therefore costing the customer double the bills and the loss of there number.

If you were to get a new customer contract, then be prepared to lose you original telephone number. It is possible to port the number across but you will need to transfer it off the EE network to say Vodafone and the transfer it back to EE. Its a complete hassle.

The best upgrade deals are generally done by retentions (threatening to leave) or if you are lucky enough to live in the North East, we have a good franchise operator in the area who heavily discount upfront costs. This is where I use to work.

I have managed to get customers £200-£300 of upfront costs removed depending on the handset. This means a upgraded phone which normally is free of charge at say £50pm can be reduced down to free of charge on £35pm with the same allowances throughout.

The franchise stores look exactly like the EE stores, the only difference is at the front of the store there will be a notice stating that it is a franchise store and that it operates within the rules of an EE store.

The only warning I would give is if you are going into a store make sure that you are happy with the phone before leaving as there is rarely a returns policy.

Hope this helps
+1 for the above

I work for EE also and see at least one example a week where CPW sell 'upgrades' but you end up having 2 lines and you get pi$$ed at EE, when it's not their fault at all

the commission on new contracts is huge compared to upgrades, so be prepared for CPW to blatantly lie to you
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