EE Upgrade-Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Found 12th Nov 2014
Hi Everyone

I have been with T-mobile for over 10 years, I have two lines with them and my monthly bill is always goes way over my monthly contracted price.

My upgrade was due around 7 months ago, have not upgraded as EE have not offered any good deals.

Now I've had enough I'm thinking of leaving them.

I called them to say I wanted to cancel my lines and they have offered the following deal:

line 1- £24.99 a month with Unlimited calls and texts and £230 cash upfront for the Samsung galaxy note 4 with 2 MB 4g Internet.

Line 2- £13 a month for shared unlimited calls and text with HTC Desire S 10.

I think its not really a good deal and perhaps can get a better deal from them or elsewhere.

I made a mistake when they said what is your budget for both lines by saying £40 max for both phones.

Are there better deals out there for Samsung galaxy note 4?

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33 pound a month note 4 19 quid upfront unlimited mins texts and 1gb data mobiles
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